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A blog is generally used to set up a page on the internet and then ignore it for the rest of its life. We hope that this fate will not befall this one.

Start Of Season.

Stuff Posted on Wed, August 11, 2010 23:10:16

Ah the joys of the sense of anticipation of a new season!!

The Marymass soon to be contested, always a good curtain raiser and chance to find out just how rusty you are after not pushing a pawn in anger for almost 3 months.

Not entered yet? Get ye to the ChessScotland website and enter instantly, support your local congress and all that.

Those grading points just keep slipping away no matter what you do.

At a certain age. So I’m told.

Once again you will promise yourself to read a book or do some of that newfangled internet chess you keep hearing about in the close season in an increasingly desperste attempt ot stay competitive with your peers.

That makes much more sense rather than mowing grass, going up or down hills for fun, trips to the seaside and foriegn holidays are usually just full of foriegners.

Who will win the league this year? Usual suspects, Greenwood favourites, maybe Troon or Prestwick close behind and expect Kilmarnock to make a futile late run as usual.

Second division Largs or Carrick? Dragons will perform the yoyo act of recent years and go back to the 3rd.

Ayr B for the Third, I feel.

Anyway, hope springs eternal and all that so see you at the board.

Excellent woodchucking to all.

( except my opponents, obviously. No offence. It’s the grading points, they make me do it. the less there are, the louder the voices. “d4, come to the Dark side.” It’s terrible.)


End of Season

Stuff Posted on Sun, May 30, 2010 23:12:18

They think it’s all over!

And it is!

Prizegiving done, controversy and conspiracy theories dealt out. Ignored mostly and this is not the place to go into such but just how daft do you have to be to believe such nonsense?

Greenwood again pick up all the major and most of the minor trophies, indeed their only blip during the season was the missing out on promotion to the 1st Division of the SNCL.

That went, finally, to Kilmarnock who ran out of hard luck stories this year and actually got second place. Expect news of Kilmarnock’s relegation by about round 5.

So congratualations to Greenwood once more and well played. Individual tournaments also mostly went to Elliot Frew who is starting to be head and shoulders above the rest of the top echelon of Ayrshire players.

Might have something to do with the relative age of Elliot to the rest? Couldn’t possibly comment.

Most clubs have probably ended their seasons by now, Kilmarnock being one exception still on on Tuesdays so if you’re feeling the lack of a “friendly” game drop in, if you can find it.

A reminder for those interested that any resolution for the Ayrshire AGM should be with the Secretary before the 31st of August at the latest.

Oh yes, and the puzzle? This shall disappear. never to sully the front page again, unmourned and unloved.

1st one!!!!!!!

Stuff Posted on Tue, May 18, 2010 14:28:13

Welcome to the new blog.

I’m not quite sure yet how this is going to work but, no doubt it will be all right as time goes by. smiley

The first subject for the first post would be the puzzle.

What puzzle would that be?

The puzzle on the home page, the mate in 3 one.

Not one person has even attempted to give a solution. Well, one did but it was not so much a solution as a lets try every legal move on the board sort of thing.

Yes our German friend Fritz and his counterparts will find the solution for you in a jiffy but that’s not the point, of course.

So there it is, someone solve the thing and then it can be changed.

Over to you.